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My name is Lara, I’m 22, use they/them pronouns, and have been writing for a long time! I’ve also been on RPC for a while, but due to the website changing and me losing all my passwords I’m here making a new account. I can get into almost anything except for a few things like role-playing existing people or fandoms. Otherwise, I’m pretty open and tend to gravitate towards Sci-Fi, Fantasy, modern pairings, and the occasional historical writing. I lean towards MxM pairings, but have always been open to FxM and FxF (just haven’t quite found the right partner). I have a list of ideas I’m hoping to compile into a website I can post here soon (:
Here's a short list of things ive played and would love to play again:

Demon Soldier x Human Soldier. I have a few ideas for this pairing but im open to all brainstorming. Here is one: Demons have occupied the human plane for decades now. They walk amongst humans and have obliterated any sense of structure the humans had once known. The war has been going on for what seems like the dawn of time. Now, the two governments are testing out the waters of a truce. A representative from the demon government is sent down to initiate the first conversations amongst the two. The demons and humans have to learn to communicate, especially with the dangerous rise of demon radicals hoping to overthrow the government and plunge the world back into a merciless war.

Butler/Knight x Royalty OR RebelxRoyalty. The throne is in some danger and the unlikely duo have to get the royal to safety and then formulate a plan to secure the throne once more.

Post-Apocalyptic Survivors

Martian x Earther : Based a little on the social structures the show The Expanse has built but with an entirely different plot. This is set to take place in the future when Mars has been colonized. Those that live on Mars are the upper echelon of society - they live a life the Earthers haven't known for generations.Earth is a planet of dust and sod and climate change has withered away at the surface. Mars has been outfitted with all the best in technology, and a thriving green planet has overtaken Earth as the more sustainable of the two. A cold war holds the two planets in a tense standstill. An earther spy is sent to Mars to collect information about the planet's weaknesses. A Martian diplomat is his target.

Fantasy realms:
Prince/Princess x Commoner
Two very different kingdoms are hoping to merge their strength and resources by way of a marriage between the prince and princess.

I have a bunch more ideas but im super eager to hear yours!

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