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Over 25

Hi! I’m Steph, British, 30+, she/her, queer crazy cat lady who reads a lot and plays too many video games.

I typically play original stories/worlds only. I could be drawn into some fandoms but I have a love of world building. I adore creating worlds. I love having supernatural elements in my stories in some way or other. Post-apoc, dystopian. I like big epic worlds with smaller, intimate stories woven through it. I like journeys, adventures, characters developing and changing. Exploring different themes. Gritty, dark, entirely questionable plots. I love creating new worlds - twisting things around, adding supernatural elements. I love steampunk, sci fi, horror. Anything really so long as there is a plot, story. I'm not a huge fan of just simple slice of life - I need something more to keep my interest.

Typically I fall into literate to advanced - for me how much I write entirely depends on the scene itself, my partner, my character etc. Sometimes short and snappy tags are better and I am a believer in writing what works best for the scene. Other times you can easily get 1000+ from me and multiple paragraphs. How often depends what is going on at the time and how inspired I am honestly. Sometimes I can be rapid - you've tagged and I'm instantly on it. Other times it can be a couple of times. I do try and keep people updated especially if we're chatting oocly.

I love playing multiple characters. I will do 1x1 or double for specific lines but my true love is creating complex worlds with multiple characters. I play all genders and sexualities. In mxf I prefer playing female but I adore m// and f//. I'm also a big fan of polyam and exploring that. I'm open to playing against all types as well in terms of sexualities etc. I very much enjoy a/b/o worlds with mpreg etc.etc.

I'm happy to play basically anything. I'll be open and up front: I really enjoy writing smut but I do like a good balance of smut/plot. I like very, very dark and gritty worlds, characters etc. Smut wise I’m very kinky and open to many. There is very little which is off limits for me apart from the very obvious - pedophilia, body fluid play etc.

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