Happy pride month!


America/New York
2 weeks ago
Over 25

I play Jill Valentine from Resident Evil from the games only and I'm looking for other RE RPers as well as cross-canon series. I am not interested in playing with OCs (fandom or not). No monsters/BOWs (Wesker transformed partially is fine, however).

More information can be found on my carrd here: https://armbars.carrd.co/ or hit me up on Discord at sunset flip#7359! If you don't see me logged in or with do not disturb, please still message me. I just tend to be around sporadically or playing games!

I play Jill Valentine from Resident Evil and I'm looking for some good old Chris/Jill! It can be slice of life, smut, or action/adventure and survival (or a combination of). I just want to write these two nerds together. Also down for cross-canon shipping with Jill (30+ M/F only), just ask. c:

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