1 months ago
Over 25

Hey, call me Solas or Jane! I'm a shut-in from Germany who uses she/they pronouns.

I've been in the RP community for a while but I've got to admit I still very much feel like a beginner. I like doing art, coming up with OCs, AUs and absolutely love reading. I tend to devour about 300k words per day unless I'm hyperfocused on playing a game or something similar :P

I'm in a lot of Fandoms and I enjoy CanonxOC a lot but I also enjoy some ships, especially Enemies-to-Lovers, Unrequited-Requited Love and ships involving a lot of denial and obliviousness.

Also a huge, massive lover of villain characters like Azula, Tyrian Callows, Salem and Phillip Wittebane. What can I say? I'm a sucker for an evil character with a soft spot for one (1) person.

I tend to prefer my romance relatively clean and my smut relatively unromantic so keep that in mind if you are looking for either of those.

Oh, and don't think I only want romance, I'm definitely open for more active, plot-based RPs too and I don't mind Rping purely platonic stuff either.

Also, a fair warning that due to depression I sometimes have spans of time without the energy to respond.

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