America/New York
9 months ago
Over 21

hi! my name is sweet, or liz. i'm a twenty-one year old pansexual female (she/they) in the eastern timezone, currently looking for originals or fandoms. i am open to playing any gender & gender pairing (enby & trans incl.), but i prefer playing female in mxf or male in mxm. that being said, i'm open to doubling in that regard! i write 400-1k+ words per side, but like you can tell it's quite flexible, so let me know your preference!
for originals, i'm open to basically any genre EXCEPT purely historical or pure slice of life. so, i'm open to horror, supernatural, sci-fi, and many more!
for fandoms, please check my fandom list! i only do canonxoc for those, doubling required unless you are ok just writing a canon for my oc!

i think that's it! thank u so much.

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