America/New York
5 months ago
Over 25

Longtime RPer looking for original M/M or M/F PSL modern slice of life scenarios via email.

I'd like a M/F side to M/M or occasional M/M/F, if RP partner is willing be play a side OFC as well as their main OMC, but that's optional.

Writing style:
- Third person, Past tense
- Lazy literate, typically 1 to 3 short paragraphs (50 to 200 words) - no novella length/style
- Mature themes and situations
- Focus on main characters interactions and relationship development (as opposed to action or lots of NPCs/sides)
- Smut that serves a purpose and advances the storyline

Daily replies, preferably multiple daily replies, are essential. Real life happens, though, and I'm very understanding.

I greatly appreciate open and honest communication. I enjoy chatting OOC via email about the RP, our characters, TV shows, movies, etc, too.

My OMC will be crafted specifically for the RP. I use descriptions and real face claims. I create and like to RP with realistic characters.

Cherik, Fassavoy, CMBYN, Janto - *Canon, AUs, Crossovers, Characters in other universes* Looking for [] / Characters I play (): - X-Men: [Charles Xavier] / (Erik Lehnsherr) - Fassavoy: [James McAvoy character] / (Michael Fassbender character) *Film/TV characters, FC/PB OCs* - CMBYN: [Elio or Elio type OC] / (Oliver type OC) - Torchwood: [Ianto Jones] / (Jack Harkness)

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