America/New York
1 months ago
Over 21

Saint, 23 / does not do romantic RP. / I enjoy writing and wish to get better at it. I work full time as a mobile technician. I would love to explore our characters in a medieval fantasy setting. I am okay with low or high fantasy.

I write a minimum of two paragraphs a post and can get up to seven paragraphs depending on my own character, interest, and moment in the roleplay. I do expect at least two paragraphs unless it's quick little spurt of dialogue. Obviously, shorter posts do have their place, I just like my RPs to have a bit of meat.

I do not do anything romantic or NSFW, but that is not to say I am against any strong relationship between our two characters. I prefer platonic, whether that be strong friends, blood brothers, enemies to friends, the list goes on. I am even okay with arranged marriage as long as nothing gets physical and we are more working as a team.

I have a few OCs I'm obsessed with at any given time, feel free to ask me what those are and we can develop a plot together.

I am looking for a medieval fantasy roleplay that is preferably platonic in nature. I don't care what gender your character is. I play both female and male characters and am not picky. Preferably something dramatic, darker, and longterm. I love my slowburn fantasy roleplays where we can play multiple characters throughout the story if you ever which to switch out your main.

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