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Under 18

Howdy, I'm a teen semi-lit roleplayer! I'd like someone around my age, but if you don't mind roleplaying with someone a few years younger, feel free to dm! I'm into art and interesting character dynamics and worlds. I like steampunk and historical fantasy in general however I'm down to do any genre. As long as romance isn't the main focus, I'm open to that too! I try to reply as quickly as I can in 2-5 lines.

A steampunk world where our ocs live in an extremely advanced steampunk city. However, the city is extremely polluted to the extreme that you must wear a gas mask whenever going outside and overly exposed skin can lead to rashes and even skin cancer. The secret why the city is so polluted is because the government purposely spreads waste into the air to gain profits from gas mask sales and sponsor technological research. Our ocs basically meet each other, team up, explore the city, find out the secret, and try to stop the pollution.

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