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Mourn - 21 - he/him/his - Goth, gay, and stupid every day — very new to this site and as such I am still creating all my references and stuff to link to this profile. So in the meantime, let me say that after 10 years in Roleplay, I believe myself to be a fairly seasoned and capable roleplay partner. Spelling errors are common due to dyslexia, but otherwise I am a very literate and responsive writer- please shoot me a message if you think we'd click!

General: A/B/O AU, royalty ——— Star Wars: Arranged marriage, slave Anakin, Clones + Boba Fett, Obikin, Quiani, Anakin x Bail, ancient Greece AU (either Song of Achilles or Hades inspired) ——— Dead by Daylight: non canon character crossovers, crackships, killer x killer, survivor x killer ——— Venture Bros: Pete white being a terribly gay, but terribly closeted man. Love sci-fi crossover (like GF or R&M) but open to marvel and other crossovers too. Maybe even dead by daylight for the experimental kind ——— Outlast: Weddie- canon compliant or AU (like no asylum / post asylum / ABO / no death-no escape AU) ——— Sally Face: canon related hormonal teen shinanegans or Dead by Daylight

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