America/New York
2 months ago
Over 25

Hey there, I'm Mel. I'm 26 and have been roleplaying for almost 15 years now.

For roleplays, I mainly do m//, but honestly I usually include a cast of characters in a roleplay and they're not sides and not for the purpose of doubling-I just believe a story can't exist with just two characters, and their orientations might allow for different pairings, but I like to start out with m//.

Also, I'd prefer that, when contacting me, you are at least 23 or older as I'm not comfortable roleplaying with anyone younger.

I like modern settings with characters who are bad people or in the morally grey area, whether lowlives coming together like a pack to better the odds, or high-class men with old money secrets and blackmail. I also like low-fantasy, such as witches (but magic isn't glamorous nor does it make them all-powerful, but paying for their abilities by losing parts of themselves (sometimes physically)), or actual monsters-ugly, nasty beasts because it's fun: ghouls, twisted and not-so-pretty vampires, satyrs, and more.

I'm on almost all the time as I've been working from home since before the pandemic and not a great employee. I love talking and planning our roleplays, and getting to know the person I'm writing with because I would like us to be friends who are excited about what we're writing and both bouncing ideas off each other.

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