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heya! I go by “bane” the majority of the time and love to write out long replies for my plots! I often times do fandom pairings (mostly mxm relationships). I have plenty of plots to write about and love writing OCs x OCs too! Feel free to check out my rules and list of pairings if you’d like to plot with me!

currently obsessed with frostiron from marvel (loki x tony with me playing loki). if you write as tony and are literate and know his character well PLEASE reach out and dm me I will love you forever<3 i would also /love/ to write some cryptage (mirage x crypto) from apex legends:) pls feel free to reach out to me if you write as crypto! if neither of those interest you, I would also love to write a Steve x Billy plot from stranger things, I write as Steve :) (or Eddie x Steve as well!) AAAND if you've read this far, I would love to write some Malec (Magnus Bane x Alec Lightwood) plots (specifically from the Shadowhunters TV show) as well! I write as Magnus Bane :D

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