2 months ago
Over 25

32/trans man/queer/Australian

Looking for 21+ queer- and trans-friendly partners for sci-fi, historical, fantasy and some fandoms. I'll play straight and/or cis characters too, but I'm not interested a world where that's the only perspective.

I like to discuss and plot before and during RP, and would prefer a partner into the same and willing to contribute. I write in third person novel style and prefer the same. I'd like to find a partner who enjoys getting into characterisation and writing someone with a unique voice.

I won't play celebrities as main characters or do anything RPF-based. I don't mind fictionalised historical people.

* Hades (Video Game), Patroclus/Achilles with trans Achilles, or Theseus/Asterius * Sherlock Holmes/Watson, Doyle-based

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