America/New York
12 months ago
Over 25

Hi! I'm Libra. I've been RPing for 17ish years, from the early days of the Fight Room on Anime Fantasia to creating my first Harry Potter OCs, to discovering canon RP to making my own panfandom forums. Currently I run my own sci-fi panfandom site, but I'm always looking for ways to satisfy my niche RP interests.

Currently I'm only interested in canon RP, but I have an extensive fandom list. The shortlist includes Marvel, Star Trek, Firefly, and Kingsman, but the long list is loooooooong.

Marvel (MCU) - Steve x anyone really; Star Trek - Jim x anyone really; Firefly - Simon, Mal, Kaylee, or Inara x anyone; Kingsman - Harry or Eggsy x Eggsy or Harry; Detroit: Become Human - Connor or Hank x Hank or Connor

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