2 months ago
Over 21

I'm Ben! They/them, 23, timezone is CST.

I write third person, past tense, multi-para and/or novella. Around 3-5 paragraphs is my minimum. I'm more of a quality over quantity person, though, so as long as you give me some meat to work with, I'm golden.

I RP through email but am down for using discord for OOC! Super big on talking OOC, I love sending off tiktoks that remind me of our characters/rp or making pinterest boards or playlists and stuff. I work as a digital artist so I like to draw them, as well! You can contact me via email first before we move onto discord for plotting/OOC if you want to use that medium for OOC.

I love writing casts and doubling/tripling, but I'm A-OK with keeping things small to just one main couple. Down for any pairing besides m/f - I can write m/f couples on the side, but I only have an interest in writing gay couples. m/m, f/f, nb/f, nb/m, nb/nb - hit me with whatever you've got. :)

I strictly RP OCs in fandom settings, I have no interest in writing canon characters.

Mostly craving to write fallout OCs right now (I have one character in particular I'd love to pit up against a ghoul), but anything under my interests is something I'd like to write! Including original settings - I love worldbuilding, so hit me with it.

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