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Over 25

Role player for over a decade. Got my start on AOL. Primarily RP on Discord these days but will consider Skype, E mail or private messages on some forums. One on one rp preferred, might consider a very small group if it really interests me but dont hold your breath lol. I am generally a friendly, laid back person, i like chatting with people. IC is IC but OOC im married so please dont cross any lines with that. Not gonna freak out if you make a typo. I dont demand 5000 words per post but please give me at least a few lines to work with, otherwise if you do wanna do big posts please do cause sometimes i can crank em out as well. I am in the central time zone, i have no idea what that would be listed under in this sites crazy list. Usually around from mid afternoon till late at night.

My character is an OC that i fit into different fandoms and original settings.Plot, romance, nsfw, mystery, adventure, magic , vampires, elves, comic moments drama are all things i like to have in RP, though maybe not every single one in every plot at once lol. I do have some limits so feel free to ask so we can both be on the same page. Character pics and info available upon request.Seeking male characters only to pair with her, OOC it dont matter your own sex/gender but Gena likes men. For Fandoms / Fandom AU i do seek certain canons, feel free to add something of your own personality to them. Also will accept OCs in Fandom settings. I love Vampires. I actually have something of a crush on the historical Vlad Tepes, yeah i have my quirks i guess lol.

My Fandoms

Final Fantasy 7
Vampire Hunter D
Chrono Cross or a Chrono Cross / Chrono Trigger crossover
Doctor Who

Original Settings

Medieval Fantasy
Modern Fantasy
Victorian Fantasy

Final Fantasy 7 , Hellsing, Chrono Cross, Dracula type or other Vampire Original Plotlines , Doctor Who. Male Canons or OCs sought to pair with Gena.

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