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5 months ago
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hi there! you can call me wolf. my pronouns are he/they. i write in 3rd person past tense, with proper grammar and capitalization (lowercase is just for ooc aesthetic). i can easily mirror my partner's writing style/length, but my responses tend to be 3-6 paragraphs per post (of course, it can be more or less, depending on what is going on)

as of right now i'm looking for fandom rps, and my major interest is the last of us (1 & 2)! for this game i would prefer to write as a canon character (because i adore most of them, ellie being my favorite character to date still), but i have no issue playing against ocs. ccxcc, ccxoc are both cool with me!! again, i'd just personally prefer to play a canon character, but have no issue with who you choose to be. i have some plots/headcanons listed for this in my cravings!

i would also be open to a resident evil rp, or if you see similar fandoms/interests we might be able to plot something out together!

add me on discord if you're interested in starting something up!! endure&survive#4669

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