2 months ago
Over 21

mast / 18+ / full-time student, have mercy on me.

biggest interests right now:

- star trek: discovery – looking to write hugh culber against anyone. my mind is stuck on the mirror verse, so i'd love to do something involving that. i'm down to write prime or mirror hugh, with no preference regarding your character's universe. no matter the configuration of characters/universes, i have a good number of plot ideas, i swear. just give me the over-the-top villains and so-gaudy-they're-good outfits.

- the expanse – amos and prax are my dudes, together or individually. i can play either – or both, if you also want to double up – against your muse of choice. amos/prax is a big fave, but otherwise my god the found family on this show is incredible let's build on that.

- the adventure zone: amnesty – hollis is my only muse here. bring whoever you'd like, though i've always wanted to pit them against a stern. otherwise, no specifics come to mind. i love this punk every single day of my life, and isn't that enough?

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