4 months ago
Over 25

Hi, my name is Camille. I'm 29 and have an undergrad in literature. I'm passionate about avant-garde, camp, and fringe things. I like original plots and exploration of genre and literary references. I'm an experienced writer seeking an action-packed m/m roleplay with some magic realism and horror tones. 
Would be a plus if you're a bookworm and well-read. I generally prefer to write with other lgbtq+ women above the age of 25, or any cool NB cats!

In my spare time, I like to watch let's plays of indie horror games on Youtube, weird-history shorts like Fred Knudson's Down the Rabbit Hole and Atrocity Guide, watch b-movie horror films, and draw. I've kind of grown out of fandom these days, but you can check what I like in the profile, anyway. My DMs are open, and I'm very friendly. :)

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