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2 weeks ago
Over 18

Hi! I'm Nattie, I'm 20 and I'm from Scotland! Looking for some hopefully long term rps! I generally prefer roleplaying over discord as it's easiest for me! I'm open to most aus depending on how well I think they fit the fandom/pairing! My fave fandoms to write for are Once Upon a Time, Harry Potter, IT and Twilight!

I'm open to more fandoms, so feel free to shoot me a question about it on discord or tumblr!

I'm not huge on ocs and am looking for canon characters only; sorry!! My reply length tends to be anywhere from 1-6 paragraphs depending on content (starters are usually 1-10 for me lol).

Honestly really in the mood for Graham/Emma from the show Once Upon a Time, if anyone's interested hit me up!!! I'm also really in the mood for dark au Peter Pan/Wendy Darling, and Fred Weasley/Hermione Granger! Not entirely sure how the whole cravings thing works but ideally I'd be playing Emma, Wendy or Hermione!

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