America/New York
10 months ago
Over 21

Hey, I'm a college student studying Data Science right now, although my labwork tends to take me into the most random fields at times. I'm a little bit of an introvert, like many of you I'd guess, so I have a lot of the stereotypical introvert hobbies. I remember growing up reading books and yelling at the characters for being so stupid at times. So while I tend to be more on the quiet side in person, I tend to be more energetic online.

But more on the sexual side, which I'd guess is more interesting, I also fall into that stereotypical joke about quiet people. I'm pretty kinky and I'm willing to try most kinks. Even though I have kinks I dislike or might not be a personal fan of, I've found that talking about it and finding something agreeable to both people in the RP tends to make sure that there are actually good people to RP with. For me, good partners are better than good kinks. (And as a big sub, I like to jokingly remind my doms that it's my duty to make sure they're happy. After all, that's what tends to make me happy.)

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