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Call me Buwie or Storm. I've got 15+ years of rping experience, but I've been out of rping for several years and just really want to work on some OC's I have so figured I'd come back. I'm only interested in fandom rps as my OC's are for fandoms. I only rp over Discord. I'll try to keep this as updated as I can. I have a doc about everything I can't/am unable to include here. I can send it upon request. It's generally more updated than this.

If anyone can give me an Obey Me! rp and play Diavolo to my OC/MC I'd be greatful. I've been obsessed with this demon prince and just really want to work on my OC/MC and how they play against him. My post length can be longer than a paragraph it just depends on what I'm given to reply to. I find the options given to express what I'm into here are limiting I'm open to just about anything character and pairing wise, but I don't like playing females much unless they're canon. I DO have some female/female aligned OC's but I'm not sure if I want to to them in a romantic way. Don't count this against me though. I'm at least willing to try if we come to plot something.

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