America/New York
2 weeks ago
Over 21

I'm birdie! I roleplay primarily over Discord, multiparagraph style (100 to 1000 words), a few times a week to a few times a day.

I'm always on the hunt for good FxF, but I enjoy MxM and platonic relationships as well. I like poly, messiness, complications, tension, slowburn.

Original characters in original settings are great. I'm always into science fiction and fantasy, but I'm always down for a good modern plot, and I'm looking to branch into historical as well (non-Western settings? historical lesbian culture? yes). I'm also interested in a couple fandoms: generally canon/canon only in DC and MCU and canon/canon or OC/OC in Harry Potter and Star Trek: AOS (all characters 18+).

I really like playing complex, nuanced, developed, and badass characters with minds of their own against the same. I almost exclusively play people of color and I do enjoy faceclaims, though they're not mandatory for me. Generally, I do prefer to make OCs for each RP, though I do have a few lying around that could be adapted.

In terms of RP tone, I can go for something dark, I can go for light, but I always prefer some undercurrents going the other way and a touch of humor. Cool with NSFW, cool with fade-to-black. I'll respect your limits, and please do the same for me.

Craving some femslash in original or fandom settings! I have lots of different ideas, but I basically just want a really in-depth multiparagraph roleplay that we both get way too invested in. Pinterests, playlists, and faceclaims would all be great.

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