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Call me Kravitz! 20, she/her, video game nerd and music enthusiast. My favorite thing to write is personal, dialog-centered interactions between characters! So canon universes are awesome to me, playing around with timelines and asking “what if?” questions about certain decisions characters have made, diverging from the story of the actual work but staying in the universe is my jam.

I’m not overly picky, and I am fairly vanilla with my tastes. I’m not seeking out smut, but I’m
not completely unopposed to scenes naturally progressing that way. A majority of the characters I play are male, but I have no issues with writing a wide cast of characters, and I’m always interested to try writing things I’ve never done before as long as you’re willing to be a little patient with me. My only hard, absolute no’s are about unsanitary and a handful of similarly unethical practices, but we can discuss the particulars together when we get there!

If we’re really connecting and enthusiastic about the ideas, you can expect daily replies from me! I’ll absolutely be capable of replying multiple times a week regardless, with length varying from 4-15 paragraphs depending on how out of control you’ll let me get. I’m always down to talk about plot ideas. I have a lot of fun just making stuff up off the top of my head, so don’t be afraid to brainstorm with me! Currently my favorite fandom is Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Ask me about my other favorite fandoms if you’d like!

I’m friendly and open to all kinds of ideas, please don’t hesitate to jump in and chat with me if you’re interested!

Canon/canon divergence in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, The Last of Us, Overwatch, BNHA, MCU,

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