1 months ago
Over 25


I have been in the hobby of role playing for about ten years now. My preferred medium would have to be forums. Some of my favorite RP genres are supernatural-themed (not the TV show) and real life. I prefer modern settings but I can sometimes swing to other eras, like medieval or etc.

I prefer to play male characters but I am working on my skill writing female characters! I also have a list of FC's I lean toward using. I prefer not to double, unless it is necessary to further the plot/scene.

I am open to finding new RP partners and potentially joining whatever site they are on! Alternatively, I am on an active forum that would be more than happy to accommodate new members.

If you're interested, please feel free to message me or get a hold of me. I have writing samples if you require them. My discord handle is behemoth#2864

Specifically looking to play a male vampire/demon/werewolf character on a modern fantasy/supernatural forum.

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