America/New York
10 months ago
Over 25

39 cis female writer, pansexual/polyamorous.
I love story building, angst, realistic reactions to events within a high fantasy world, shipping, and other adult-themed things. Crossovers, AUs, canon divergent, tropes and cliches, and very dark things are all welcome.
I’ve been writing for over 25 years and roleplaying for nearly as long.
I prefer to play as specific canon characters primarily. I will write additional characters into scenes but would rather they not be a focus.
I'll write with anyone if the plot and chemistry are there.

I'm currently looking for a Supernatural fandom roleplay with canon characters. I'm open to possibly doubling up on playing an additional character, but I'm looking for plot-based pairing with me writing as Rowena MacLeod, and someone else to write whomever they like best. Romance of some sort to be included, and I'm open to that for the doubling as well. No OCs, please. Everything else is negotiable.

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