5 months ago
Over 25

Hello! I've roleplayed for many years, but I've also been on a hiatus for a few years now and would love to get back in. I've found that the more I age, the harder it is to make time for this hobby. However, I do miss it a lot. What I'm really looking for os some relaxed and fun rp.

- I'd prefer someone 25+.
- I love surprises and improvisation! I'm all for serious worldbuilding, but when it comes to characters and interactions, I prefer minimal plotting and the anticipation of not knowing what you're going to do next.
- That said, all with respect for the other's boundaries. We should be able to talk about what we find and don't find acceptable and fun!
- I'm above all a sci-fi geek, but I'm open to other plots and settings you may want to throw at me.
- I don't really worry about word-counts and would rather you don't either.
- I love politic plots, sci-fi/dystopian theme exploration, cyber and most other types of punk, surreal and odd ideas.

I've been craving some sort of improvisation, story-collection roleplay, where we can go through and explore different settings, premises and plot scenarios without thorough discussion or previous decisions, just "yes-and"ing it a whole lot.

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