11 months ago
Over 21

Age: 21+
Time Zone: Central Europe (GMT+1)
Gender: female
Style: 3rd person/past tense, literate
Pairing: MxM (OCs, maybe fandom characters)

At the moment I'm really craving to explore a D/s dynamic with the focus being more on the non-sexual aspects of it. So smut is of course more than fine but it shouldn't be the focus of the RP. I usually prefer playing the dominant character for this but would be open to play the sub instead.

Crime Boss x Right-Hand Man (*** craving this)
Celebrity x Bodyguard
Royal x Knight
Vampire x Fledgling
Vampire x Human
Best Friends
Soulmates (***)

I'm definitely open to other ideas as well. I don't have any specific plots in mind so I would love to plot with you or if you already have a plot you wanted to try out, please let me know!

For more info please take a look at this GDoc:


I'm currently craving a crime/mafia MxM RP. For more information, please read my GDoc <3

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