America/New York
11 months ago
Over 21

I'm a transmale that likes to rp occasionally.

Just a quick note to anyone looking at my page: I do *NOT* rp Canon x OC at ALL, no matter how well-rounded your oc is, I just won't allow it. I'll do OC x OC but it depends on what fandom or if there's even a fandom at all. I also do not like self-inserts (creeps me out) or kins of any kind. It's a bit weird and I hate it.

If I'm suddenly not responding to rps, it's likely I'm dealing with IRL shit. I will not stand for the 'Are you ghosting me?' messages FIVE DAYS after starting something. A month, I understand, but under a week? IRL is more important than roleplays.

Oh my god oh my god I just thought of the BEST Fucking thing and I'm just--- I WANT TO DO AN AMONG US BNHA CROSSOVER. EXCept obviously the imposter somehow falls for the last human left and probably admits to them they're the killer or smth Idk or maybe we can do Among Us oc's, I'd be down for that too.

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