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Hello~. ^^ New to the site but planning on staying for the long run. You can either call me Kitty, Zetta or angry mantis shrimp for giggles.

🦇 I'm a 26-years-of-age, female that reigns from Indiana, the sock state that's known for popcorn! I've been roleplaying mainly through Discord, and yes, you may add me. I don't mind! I'm rather shy, and a tad socially awkward so please be gentle. Regardless! I've been around the block, and I typically vary in fandoms of animes to even video games. Name your poison and I can tell you if I took it! 🦇

🖤 I typically RP Canon x Canon, but if you wish to meet my OC's I have a collection of, please say so! I welcome all and any. And like anyone, I have a few things I will disagree on but otherwise, I'm willing of doing anything as long as it's fun. NSWF is welcomed, Lit/Semi Paragraphs as well, and I try my hardest to reply back in a regular fashion, if not. I get back within the next business days. 🖤

🔪 I typically wish for Long Term Partners, but if you want to do a quickie one-shot, be my guest! I will also accept anyone that just wants to chat or vent some stress, I'm a willing ear to listen and will be your shoulder to help you carry your burdens. Through RP or just a simple chat. Feel free to add me on Discord to chat more about what you want to do or simply goof off! 🔪

Craving Legend of Zelda (any of the series other than toons), and Genshin Impact... Will play OC characters to even canon characters, even to several others to whatever seems appropriate!

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