America/Los Angeles
2 weeks ago
Over 18

<3 hello!! I am an 18 year old Mexican American who’s been roleplaying for almost 7 years now. I really like getting to know people and making friends so don’t be shy to message me. Though I may be a bit shy at first :’) My hobbies besides roleplaying include reading, drawing, worldbuilding, swimming, playing games, watching anime, and traveling. Please take a look at my website for all the important info!!!

Fandom Cravings : - Creepypasta - Golden Era HP - Stardew Valley - MHA Original Cravings : - fantasy academy type of plot - best friends to strangers to lovers - pirates !! - any fantasy / sci fi plot tbh Nsfw Cravings : - any msub x fdom plot - poly plot - omegaverse - obsessive stalker or lovesick type plot

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