America/New York
3 weeks ago
Over 25

I like Mature themes and by 'mature': Not sexual in nature. Disturbing content that pertains to gore and people that can handle writing without turning to smut instantly.
I've been writing/RPing since 1999. My favorite length of writing is Multi Para to Novella.
Also please do NOT waste my time if you are only after Erotica; if I allow it you likely earned it or I felt 'bored' enoufge to write it. Generally I prefer not to because I can copy/paste and edit an erotic scene. I'm pretty sure that tells you my lack of interest in it. :p
I've been really itching for a Viking story or Supernatural twist.

I'm Seeking anything with a Supernatural twist be it: Viking based, The Last Kingdom, or Marvel(please don't ask me to write Wanda or whoever. I mainly write an OC)

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