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11 months ago
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Howdy, pals!

I’m a creative, easygoing (and long winded) type seeking some distraction from life. I teach to feed myself, but I have dreams of being my own art-boss at some point in life. Like, I am just weak and stubborn and can't do what other people tell me to do even if I'm getting paid for it. Cross your fingers for me, maybe? This kid needs help.

Please check my site link for more info and post examples, though! I’d say it’s imperative that you do before contacting me. My chill doesn’t mean I’m not picky and I will be honest about what I'm not into. My interests are rather narrow in a way. 8^)

For example: We can chat nerdy things, but I don't like to write for fandoms. I'm certainly not better for my opinions, but I have them. Many of them. That often make it tough for me to relate to mass media. I'm freakin' hipster scum and I like obscure, vintage media the most. D: If you care to know of my more modern tastes, I love Nintendo things as much as I complain about them and here's a list of books that I like:

Howl's Moving Castle, The Wizard of Oz, The Wind in the Willows, The Neverending Story, Frankenstein's Monster, Harry Potter, The Chronicles of Narnia, Lord of the Rings . . .

Anyway, bring on the fantasy adventures! (I mean, look at that lineup).

I want to meet other cute characters I can fall in love with— not literally, I mean— Maybe adore is a better word? Most of my characters are male, or non-binary individuals in the midst of existential crisis. JK, about the existential crisis, but I have a lot of colorful weirdos. If the stars align I could be convinced to use some of my female characters as well, but I have to admit I'm "prettyboi" trash. Never play as humans, either. Oof.

I am energized by other folks who are as enthusiastic about their mind children as I am my own. Fascinating stuff: what the human brain is capable of! Even lovelier that we speak in stories. That’s our common language, I’d say.

But, okay, I'm done being a live-laugh-love chatbot.

Perhaps you and I will get to make a story together? Or in the least, clown around with our dumb OCs. Don't be scared to reach out and ask questions once you've taken a look at my link. :o)

Looking to use a character that is very familiar and comfortable to me for either a fantasy slice-of-life, or adventure plot. (Either historical, or modern). I haven’t had a good “ship” for him in ages and I’d be thrilled if that could change.

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