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America/New York
2 weeks ago
Over 25

I'm a long time writer/roleplayer. My main interests being romance, Slice of Life, Modern and High Fantasy. I have 2 cats that are my life, and I'd have a hundred more if I could. I've been to school for both Animal Behavioral Training and Veterinary Assisting, but never pursued either career, simply because I wasn't mentally able. However, I am quite passionate about writing. I'm married, happily, and a military spouse; don't mistake a spouse for a dependa, because they are vastly different. I'm a playful dreamer and quite the child-at-heart.

Plot 1: F (MC) enslaved or captured. YC (M or F) assigned or otherwise contracted to retrieve them alive and to safety. Either they become friends, or more, to include romance. MC would likely be emaciated, injured, or unable to defend themselves, so YC would have to be the one to defend them should issues arise. *These details would be planned in advance, or along the way with you if we find an opportune moment to include a scene.* Plot 2: *Space Saver* Pairings: *MC x YC* Princess x Knight/Prince/King/Queen Coworkers Mentee x Mentor Classmates Neighbors Test Subject x Scientist/Experimenter NOT ACCEPTED: Cheating Child Abuse Butt Stuff Bodily Fluids Heavy BDSM Heavy Violence Spousal Abuse ACCEPTED: Kidnapping (Not Glorified) Rape (So long as it isn't glorified) Drugs (Not Glorified) Cursing Light BDSM Dominaneering Suicide (Not Glorified) Alcohol

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