10 months ago
Over 25

Hello there.
My name is Sergei, I'm 27.
I'm looking for some creative novella-style role plays (weaving a story together).
I'm too depressed to waste energy on a couple of role plays, each a paragraph or a couple of paragraphs longs with "idk" literacy. I'd much rather keep one partner for long, compelling, riveting replies, than keep a couple - each with a paragraph or so in length.
So, please be passionate about writing. Or we can just do one-liners :) That's easy.

I'm looking for exclusively long-term role plays (no immaturely ditching, no prematurely stopping with replying).

I'm looking for exclusively original role plays.
Let's just brainstorm something together and start!

I have my favorite genres, however, I'm willing to do your cravings if you have them.

I'd like a writing frequency of at least one reply per day. If it's less than that, I shall get uninterested.

The medium I am using is email, gmail documents may also be used.

If you have read and understood so far, tell me your zodiac sign in your message. The rest we can discuss in emails.
Don't be afraid to send a message.
I'm always glad about new messages and people and just casual talks!

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