2 weeks ago
Over 25

Hello! I'm Bean. Been RPing since I was 12, and after so long I'm still looking to make new friends. 1x1 much preferred for the time being, with the intention of going into a private forum later on! I'm kind of awkward at first, and a bit afraid of giving ideas in general, but the moment we click expect meme and cute animal picture spams.

I don't do horror and gore and stuff like that. As far as fandoms go, I'm willing to learn pretty much any so go for it. OC characters only.

I'm open to almost anything. I'm terrible at coming up with stuff from scratch but good at expanding down to the tiniest detail. I also have tons of characters in reserve, so at least something should fit what you need. As far as fandoms are concerned, just shoot and give me the time to consume the media needed, I'll get back to you on it for sure.

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