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I have too many roleplays, not enough time, and yet I still find the time to do MORE.

It starts with my character, Rare. She's in a situation that some would think she needs rescued from (either captured by demons/monsters, impregnated by a caretaker with political power of some sort, discovered as a slave, whatever, I'm flexible on it). If you wanna try this, your character would be a high-ranking priest, politician, noble, soldier, or something like that. Someone who hates either demons, monsters, magic, or a combination. Aside from being a dude, this plot should be open enough for you to have a lot of freedom in who you wanna play and how, including if it's fantasy, scifi, semi-modern, or something else. Basically, your character ends up as Rare's new caretaker after her 'traumatic' experience, and he comes to know his silent ward over time, and eventually the two become close. She has secrets, though. Eventually, he discovers that she's sneaking out. Eventually, he finds out that she can't bear to touch silver. Eventually, he finds she can't go near churches or certain holy symbols. Eventually, he discovers her secret, that she is something he hates and that is hated by his order/country/whatever. What will he do? Does he feel betrayed? What sorts of choices will he make? Will he turn her in? Will he try to redeem her and save her soul? Will he try to kill her? Will he try to act like he doesn't know? There's just so much JUICY possibility! Hnnng. ❤️

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