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Over 25

I have RP since 2016. I write fanfiction I'm living with my fiance. English is my second language and I got learning disabilities. I try my best when I write. I'm 36 year old Female. I only wish to RP with 18+ role players that are into Yuri mostly. Some fandoms I'm ok with Male/Female. I mostly like Slice of Life.

RWBY,My Little Pony,Sailor Moon,Card Captors,Love Live School Idol Project,Fairy Tail,Fate Stay Night,Sword Art Online. I do some not Yuri but mostly WLW I only want people who are 18+. I've been role-playing since 2016. I write fanfics. I am in a relationship in real life but he doesn't mind I role play. English however is not my first language and I got learning disabilities so please don't get angry if I make mistakes have patience with me and teach me with kindness. I try my best. I'm not always in the mood to RP or can however when I say I want to RP I hope we may get a good back and forth I like to live my RPs.

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