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Over 25

Hello-hello~! Call me Gremlin or GrumpyNugget.

✦I'm just a simple 26y/o trans-guy from Georgia, who's been RPing for quite some time, though mostly on Discord these days. I may usually start off a tad awkward, but hopefully not for long! I've also got a few fandoms under my belt (that I'd be delighted to RP in), but there are some things and characters that I might be a little too fond of~.

✦When it comes to shenanigans, I mostly do canon x canon and tend to roll off the muses' interactions -- but I'll gladly help with whipping up some proper plots together if desired! I'm also Lit/Semi-Lit (It all depends on what's given, and I may ocassionally get carried away). I might accept some one-line replies, but yyyyeah, just not every time. Need goodies to work with, etc. etc.

✦Casual chatting, planning, and goofing off OOC? Yes, if you don't mind!

✦Long or short-term? Would like Long-term, but it's all up to this 'n that!

★Favors Overwatch (Shenanigans with the Junkers) 'n Don't starve (MaxWil buffoonery).★ AU's and saucey moments are welcomed!

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