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Over 25

Hey, Hello! Call me Gremlin or Nugget (I also go by Crispy and Grumps)!

I’m just some simple 28y/o transman from “Peach land” (Georgia), who’s been roleplaying on and off for quite some time. Haven’t kept proper track, but it’s probably around 10-11 years or so? Anywho, it’s usually through Discord these days.

When it comes to the typing, I’m a multi-para, literate, third-person kinda guy. And though I usually range from 200-3k words, I dig mirroring what’s received. I favor delving into certain fandoms, mostly playing and writing against canon muses. Crossovers and AU’s are welcomed with open arms! And what with being a gay fellow, MxM is what I hunt for when it comes to shipping/romance shenanigans.

On another note, if things click well, I also adore making pals with RP partners! Spamming nonsense and memes? Screeching about this or that? Gaming on the side? It’s all glorious! But that doesn’t mean I’m not fine with sticking to the RP-related acquaintance zone, so long as there’s some form of communication!

Lastly (and most importantly), what with my age, I’ll only partake in 1x1s with muns who are 18+ (20+ preferred)! It doesn’t matter if mature themes aren’t included, I’m not cozy writing with any minors outside of sizable group roleplays, where the ranges are fairly diverse. No if’s, and’s, or but’s!

That's pretty much it, really. Take care and all that jazz!

I'm always itching for Don't starve or Overwatch roleplays. Hit me up if you enjoy Maxwil and/or Roadrat. ;^)

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