America/New York
3 weeks ago
Over 25

I am in fact a tailor. I used to roleplay a million years ago and got back into it about two years ago, though I've continued writing prose on my own. I believe strongly that hobbies should be fun, so if anything about our rp is stressing you, let me know and we'll see what we can do, up to and including dropping it and moving on.

I aim for quality over quantity. Give me actions, gestures, and words to respond to and I'll be happy. Also decent grammar and formatting that doesn't cause eyestrain. I will try any genre but slice of life. I already have to live in the real world I don't want to play there.

What I really want from a story is drama. Feuds, incompatible personalities, bad decisions, bad luck, basically a problem for our characters to overcome and for us to write a way through. This can require a difficult balance between painting ourselves into a corner and just having everything come too easily, but that's part of the fun. Romance is extremely optional and, as many of my characters are pretty guarded, probably going to be a slow burn.

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