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I am 28, She/Her, in the GMT-5 (EST) timezone. I have been writing since I was 8 years old and RPing since I was 11. I used to RP nearly exclusively through play-by-post forum RP on Jcink, but recently changed to bot-assisted RP exclusively on Discord, which has really done wonders for my writing! Because of this switch I am currently only available for 1x1 RPs on private Discord servers, and I use the following bots: TupperBox (for "character accounts"), InCharacter (for pretty character sheets, references, and organization), and Tatsu (for coin flips, dice rolling, and randomizer).

I am the kind of partner who is always available to talk about the RP or characterization or plotting all day everyday. I love making character dev stuff (playlists, pinterest boards, all that jazz) and finding cool new resources to use for writing (like for character sheets, ArtBreeder for FCs, etc) and I love world building and character building with my writing partners.

My typical word count ranges from about 200 words up to 1000+ as needed for the scene. I am a firm believer in "write as much as the character tells you", so long posts and short posts and everything in between are all fine by me. Since making the switch to Discord RP exclusively, I tend to keep my posts shorter for faster, more rapid-fire responses and (try to) stick within the 2000 character limit.

I am super patient and communicative RPer and am ghost-friendly. Please don't feel pressured while we're writing!

I have no hard limits or set boundaries when it comes to RP, so I'd like that kind of mindset to be the same in my partner. However, communication is always key and I'm completely open for working within my partner's limits. Must be 18+.

I don't really do Fandom... I don't mind doing OCs set within a fandom's universe as long as I'm familiar with the setting! But don't expect me to play a canon because my last one was Peter Bishop from Fringe circa 2010, haha. I love me some character drama and shipping in RP! I build storylines and plots with my partner. Absolutely willing to fill a request if the story suits me. Prefer the F role but I also do M no problem, and I'm here for any MxF, MxM, or FxF pairing. Not craving anything hardcore myself at the moment, just want to write and find new partners!

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