1 months ago
Over 18

I'm a trans-female with she/they pronouns from Texas.

Roleplaying has always been a matter of being allowed to envision myself as someone I'm not, who can do things I can't do. Whether that falls under power fantasy, is up for my partners and potential partners to decide. Drawing my OCs is a passtime I frequent, but I have large swaths of time where I'm on art block, and don't get any new OC art done.

I like All of the Fandoms listed in my Fandoms section, plus several more not named, namely Studio Gainax's "Fooly Cooly" series.

Most of the RPs I do will involve the usage/creation and usage of an OC of mine, since I'm not great with canon characters. Some of my OCs, of course, are pretty derivative, but I try to be as creative as I can.

Hoping to do an RP with a mood similar to Kugane Maruyama's Overlord in the Forgotten Realms setting.

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