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Over 18

(More details in Samples link/Google Doc!)
I ONLY RP WITH +18! Please state your age in your intro!!! (Age range is ok but not preferred)
✨20 y/o
✨Artist and writer
✨nb sapphic/lesbian
✨European (GMT +1, don't wanna share residence publically lol)
✨Mostly OC/original. Fandom ok! Shy about RPing canon characters still gdsgdgs

Hello! Please call me Caps/Capu!
I'm new here, and not great at describing myself! I suppose I'm a bubbly and chatty person. Very casual, not bothered by much, love to fool around... So, OCC and nonRP chats are a requirement. I may make typos outside RP but I try my best with my grammar and everything. (If I do, tell me!)
I'd say my good qualities are patience*, coming up with ideas, happy to rewrite replies or redo segments. I'm fine with most dark subjects and am respectful of boundaries! I'll not RP if my partner is nervous to admit discomfort about me or my behaviour. Kink friendly but don't share them instantly, please! I'll ask for it when we get there. c:
*I'm patient but I do suffer from motivational issues, I can only do weekly replies if it's +3 paragraphs. Totally fine with breaks, preferred if notified in advance. But I get mental health dips!

So, what am I looking for? I'd love to meet fellow artistic queer folk of 20 or older, but if you're not... I don't mind! Just tell me if you fall under that category. But you have to be 18+, and be okay and act normal about queer stuff lol.
I'd prefer RPs that can pull me in: Minimal to no major grammar mistakes/typos, both of our characters gets the spotlight, and able to push the plot along.
I need someone with varied characters/theming, and has a rough idea of what they want to do. (I need something to bounce ideas off from!) Also is open to becoming friends. I got minimal boundaries/discomforts, but they're listed in my RP Google Doc.

You can find example characters, RP examples and my fandom list in my Google Doc. I don't do straight ships/NSFW, (I have done them plenty of times and it just didn't work out, confusingly queer ships is okay lmao) nor am I likely to do NSFW instantly. I'll need a day or more to see if we vibe! Please make attempts of reaching out too, I'm not interested in one-sided contact. Make your intro as long as you want, the longer the better!!!!

.... people actually read my dumb ramblings? Well, thanks for being interested enough to read so far!

I want to do queer human x monster romance. (NSFW please! Will not ship if no NSFW will happen) Slice of life, fluff, angst and ACTION! Give me sad stories I will slurp it up!!!

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