America/New York
4 months ago
Over 25

27 y/o East Coast dwelling fucko composed of about 60% pure coarse silica sand and another 23% of fiberglass. The last 17% is a slurry mix of potato skins and lime juice. I don’t click with many people often. If we don’t click, don’t take it personally. I’m just not looking to waste time. I like interesting people and talking about things out in the real world. Reptiles, video games, my custom demon lore, css/html, and spooky shit are the quickest ways to get me talking. I like people that get excited about things, people who aren’t always formal, and most importantly people who are made of something other than cardboard. I’m looking for cyberpunk or roundabouts as close as I can get with a hefty helping of monsters thrown in on top. I do not want your slice of life, high fantasy, robots, dragons, or fandoms. I want gritty neo retro shit, grim modern, bleak dystopias, and wrecked near-futures covered in supernatural things.


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