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Over 18

Hey all potential partners! I'm a black, nonbinary (they/he) roleplayer and artist. I love designing characters, writing character sheets, and building lore for worlds my characters are in. I've been roleplaying since I was 12, now I'm 19, almost 20.

I only roleplay on Discord (Keen#0059) with a preference for servers. I'm okay with DMs too, I just like being able to organize channels into OOC chatting, characters, lore, and anything else we might need.

I will only roleplay with people 18 and over.

I write in 3rd Person, Past Tense. I can do Present Tense. My replies are generally to 3 to 5 paragraphs, but I can go beyond 5 when setting up a scene.​

I generally reply within a day to within a week. Feel free to @ me if I take a day or two to reply without notice.​

I'm okay with switching stories or doing multiple at the same time.​

I'm okay with discussing headcanons if we'll roleplay the ideas eventually. What I headcanon about my character may not translate into roleplay when I'm given time to think about their actions.​

I'm drop friendly I don't mind if we stop talking completely, but I'd appreciate a heads up if you're dropping. Sometimes I'll check in after a month or a few.

I often get distracted and miss notifications on roleplay. Feel free to notify me if I haven't replied after two days.

I'm craving a Dark Modern Sc-Fantasy story taking inspiration from SCP Foundation, Lobotomy Corps, and Control (Video Game). The story would be focused on a secretive organization that captures and researches the abnormal. From there, we can come up with many ideas, like our characters' lives there, them trying to escape, etc. I would want to play my pre-made character Caelestis: an entity from cosmic origins limited in power upon coming into existence. The organization tried to use energies from space to make a cosmic weapon. Upon use of the weapon, the energies became sapient for unknown weapons.

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