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Hey all potential partners! I'm a 20-year-old black, nonbinary (they/he) roleplayer and artist. I love designing characters, writing character sheets, and building lore for worlds my characters are in. I've been roleplaying since I was 12, from Roblox to forums.

I only roleplay on Discord (Keen#0059) with a preference for having our own server. I like being able to organize channels into OOC chatting, characters, lore, and anything else we might need. It also helps me not forget to check in on the roleplay after the notification is gone.

I love surrealism, horror, and sci-fantasy. I'm also up for lighter stories and slice-of-life, as long as there's some drama or angst to keep up a story. I prefer modern or near-future settings/characters, if they're not in/from some weird dimension or world. I am a giant fan of cosmic abominations, personifications, gods, and similar types of characters. I'm also okay with lower-powered characters and will happily modify my own to balance power levels.

I will only roleplay with people 18 and over.

I write in 3rd Person, Past Tense. I can do Present Tense. My replies are generally to 3 to 5 paragraphs, but I can go beyond 5 when setting up a scene.​

I generally reply within a day to a week. Feel free to @ me if I take a day or two to reply without notice.​

I'm okay with switching stories or doing multiple at the same time.​

I'm okay with discussing headcanons if we'll roleplay the ideas eventually. What I headcanon about my character may not translate into roleplay when I'm given time to think about their actions.​

I'm drop-friendly I don't mind if we stop talking completely, but I'd appreciate a heads up if you're dropping. Sometimes I'll check in after a month or a few.

I often get distracted and miss notifications. Feel free to notify me if I haven't replied or communicated after a few days.

I'm craving a Dark Modern Sc-Fantasy story taking inspiration from SCP Foundation, Lobotomy Corps, and Control (Video Game). The story would be focused on a secretive organization that captures and researches the abnormal. From there, we can come up with many ideas, like our characters' lives there, them trying to escape, etc. I would want to play my pre-made character Caelestis: an entity from cosmic origins limited in power upon coming into existence and is now trapped as a research subject.

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