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4 months ago
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Elias, INTP, prefers writing in 3rd person

Looking for peeps who like to brainstorm, engage in world/character building, ramble about plot+characters and just generally chat as well. I linked my carrd if you wanna check my vibe, there's more info over there!

MxM and CanonxCanon preferred. I like delving into the characters' minds, torment them psychologically, put them through the wringer, etc... I tend to favor internal conflicts, but external ones are nice too heh
Some tropes/elements I enjoy: slow burn, enemies to lovers, soulmates, redemption, problematic topics.
If you're not into fandoms but know about MBTI (or willing to listen to me ramble about it), we could figure something out to make an interesting OC pairing!

I'm not picky about the length of replies, as long as it gives me something to work with and is written well enough. I'm also rather busy these days, so hopefully you're okay with slow answers. It goes both ways, I don't mind if it takes you ages to respond. Real life comes first!
I also need extra time to craft a reply since English isn't my native language. I'm a perfectionist, I'd rather take my time to create something digestible than rush the crap out. No pressure, yeah? Quality over quantity and all that.

✦Infinity Train✦ I love the concept of this show a lot, there's so much potential! You could throw any character in there and it would still be interesting, even the driest mf. (I much prefer layered characters mind you but it just shows how cool IT is) ✦Death Note✦ LxLight: I play as L and would love to RP with someone who knows Light's personality well! (let me just get this out of the way: he's an ENTJ, don't argue with me.. or do, I love a good debate) I really thirst for more Kira/L shenanigans... I wish the mind games between those two could last forever lol. I'm a big fan of the unresolved tension trope. I have a bunch of ideas for AUs, and simple canon divergence as well. Soulmates, reincarnation, time travel, Light redeeming himself somehow and learning to live with the horrifying things he's done, all that good stuff. hmu if you're interested! ✦Possible deal-breakers: I follow manga canon. The way I see it, L would never endorse Kira's ideals and switch sides. He might grow to like Light, just not to the point of bending to his will. He *could* however hire Light as he did with Aiber and Wedy, it isn't much different from having him help with the Kira case after all. It'd take a while to get to that point no doubt, but it's a possibility. So, don't expect to see L bending over for Kira in any way lol. You might argue that Light/Kira wouldn't bend to anyone either, but I think unbeknownst to him, he wants to be able to let someone else take the wheel occasionally. An equal, someone worthy enough and capable of handling him, the *real* him. L is perfect for that role. He needs someone that can challenge him. Since Light's used to being in control all the time, it might thrill him to let someone else take charge once in a while, to be the one to submit... provided it's with the right person.

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