1 months ago
Over 25

I've been RPing since I was about 15, which was... *cough* twenty years ago. I have and always will love it. I now mostly run my own site, though if I am moved by another RP I will sometimes join them. I am looking for a writing partner who matches my soul. I had one, but due to RL commitments they've given up writing. On the hunt for a new one!

My main jam is M/M romances, normally with bdsm sub/dom undertones or outright in your face bdsm. I like the chase, the angst, the drama of a enemies to lovers. Or some such plot device like that. I am obsessed with the Zombie genre, but also love RPing supernatural anything. Especially vampires and werewolves. I have in the past loved writing harry potter RP as well.

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