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I am a college student who has been rping for 10+ years. I'm a huge Disney fan and an animal lover. I love trying to be as creative as possible in my rps. I have some artistic abilities, and usually try to make art for rps if I'm inspired! My Discord is Honey-Aussie#1972!

I have several rps that I LOVE to do, and I'm working on trying to build a webpage for my rping list. As for now, my most wanted cravings will be listed below! Current OC cravings: Medieval - Betrothal of an older, cocky prince with a younger, innocent princess from neighboring countries. Betrothal is against both of their wills and they have to learn to love one another as they mature, all while running a Kingdom. Shifter - Wolf/Human shifters all always a favorite. I have several options on the table for this one. My shifter world is very particular, as my characters live in the pack in a secluded area. No modern stuff expect electricity and running water. My favorite is Omega breeder x Ruling Alpha. Semi-Medieval Fantasy - Set in semi-medieval times, similar to the shifters but with castles and nobles. Each individual is born with a power, and powers are ranked within a hierarchy system. Low powers are treated poorly, high powers are rulers and nobles. Definitely a more detailed plot. Current fandom cravings: How to Train Your Dragon - Betrothed relationship between Hiccup x Astrid. PM on Discord for details! Descendants - Relationship between MalxHarry. PM for details!

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