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6 months ago
Over 25

I'm in the market for RP partners so here I am. I have a long history of experience and pretty much all I'm asking on a partner's end is some effort in. Other than that I'm not too picky about response length or character type.

I am perfectly fine with RPing in either fandom or original settings, and if you have any plot ideas I'd like to hear them if you approach me or I approach you. A lot of my own original RP is inspired heavily by my reading of history so expect settings reminiscent of the period between 1800 and 1950 in real-world history. I like fantasy, science fiction, modern, etc. and really if you don't know if I'm into or willing to RP in a fandom don't hesitate to ask. I really don't enjoy slice of life all that much, though obviously there are exceptions to any rule. Stories about adventure and discovery are a personal favorite.

I tend to my match my partners in post length, and have no real preference for playing either men or women. If you're interested in a story with romance elements I'll play a man - it's just easier for me, to be honest - and if it's anything else I'll probably play a woman. Character types vary. I'm capable of playing humans and haven't really dipped my toes into playing anthropomorphic characters but I could always give it a shot if I'm interested enough.

A current plot craving involves two or more characters being sent on an expedition to a lost land of some sort in order to explore its secrets and finding weird spooky stuff there. Potentially post-apocalyptic, maybe not, it's up for discussion.

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