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I have some years of roleplay experience; English isn't my first language so bear with me if I'm not perfect. I'm looking for a longterm Roleplay.

PLOT1: It's the birthday of my character and his butler wants to surprise him with a gift. Knowing that my character needed someone loyal that could be with him, the butler goes to a Neko shop to find his gift. Knowing his master's taste he handpicks the neko that seemed to rule all of the cat girls. The caretakers called her "The Queen" since she was fully developed and had a voluptuous, mature body unlike the other ones. Skipping the reveal, my character decides that she will turn her into his trophy pet and will teach her how to behave like one. PLOT 2: In this one you will play two females. They had it all, they were not rich but they had a house, they traveled around the world, and didn't have any kids. My character has been married to his highschool sweetheart but he wanted more. He talks his wife into adding another woman to the relationship which she hesitantly agreed. And wwas hesitantly because the woman she chose was her best friend, in HS she felt something for her, she completely admired her, but was too ashamed to admit it. PLOT 3: My character's family had built a mansion in an island near to the big city (NY Style) They want him to be like his dad and continue the family legacy so they test him by sending him to the mansion to live with the maids and butler for one month. The catch? He had to restore part of the mansion in that timeframe. The island had a small forest and other beautiful landscapes, very few people living in it though. But there was this woman, a succubus that was waiting for her love, and she discovers is the young man is the love she was waiting for.

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