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Name's Alex, I'm 24, I go by he/him or they/them and [clasps hands] Oh, I'm just a bastard. I've got nearly 15 years of RP experience, and I'm looking for folks that are patient, enthusiastic, and eager to contribute. Important to note that I will only interact with people 18+ or older (ideally 21+), regardless of whether the plot stays family friendly or not. Both fandoms and original characters are equally loved in my book, and I'm always eager to inject a little romance and fantasy elements into my plots. Please note that the fandoms listed are by no means all the fandoms I'm interested in roleplaying since I'm part of many that aren't mentioned, so feel free to ask if you want a more complete list of what I'm willing to go for! If you're in the market for easygoing responses, intricate plotting, and thinking deeply about character dynamics (read here as: being a gay loser), then I'm your guy! I hope to hear from you soon!

Alright, so I've got an itch for some of that supernatural bodyguard goodness with a side of monsterfucking for flavor. I'm looking for a scenario where my character, some manner of powerful creature be it a demon/vampire/werewolf or otherwise, is nonetheless bound or chooses to serve yours, a typical human. Their main focus is on protection from threats, but companionship can also be part of the deal. I just want to play around with these power dynamics and explore two people who are more or less equals but on a wildly different axis, one holding physical and supernatural strength while the other keeps them in check. Bonus points for a good old-fashioned "going berserk after your loved one is attacked and needing a cooldown hug" cliche. We can go a couple different directions with this in terms of the tone and feel depending on your preference: I'm equally here for the reluctant and stoic grump being won over by his master's humble personality as much as I am for two pragmatic assholes who don't like or respect each other teaming up and gradually coming to need one another regardless. Be it soft and sweet or gritty and badass, I'm here for it all! Because the specifics are so dependent on hashing out the overall vibe, I don't have any specifics nailed down as of yet in terms of character, so feel free to hit me up if you're equally as excited to build something from the ground up and I hope to hear from you soon!

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